exotic insect pets

Are you looking for a pet spider? Or do you fancy having a Curly Hair Tarantula for an exotic pet?

Argentinian Horned Frog Some great colours available.

BugsUK.com have a variety of tarantulas, African Millipedes, Hermit Crabs and Stick Insects for sale. These exotic insects include species such as the Chile Rose Tarantula, Colbolt Blue Tarantula, Curly Hair Tarantula, Featherleg Baboon Tarantula, Kilimanjaro Mustard Baboon Tarantula and the Salmon Pink Tarantula!

This site also sells insect and reptile supplies and equipment such as tanks, heat mats, gauges, substrates and furnishings. We also sell insect & reptile live food such as crickets, locusts, wax & meal worms and flies. We, at BugsUK.com are a part of MantisUK.com. Visit MantisUK.com to buy a Praying Mantis or other Mantis species or read some information about keeping exotic pets. Exotic pets are beautiful and different. Get your exotic pet here today!
Colbolt Blue TarantulaCurly Hair TarantulaFeatherleg Baboon TarantulaKilimanjaro Mustard Baboon TarantulaSalmon Pink Tarantula
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